Design Services and Consultancy

  • Architectural Design
  • Software Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Training
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  • CEPC Solutions
  • Compact Framework Solutions
  • Custom Embedded Hardware Design
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Micro Framework

  • Device Solutions Tahoe Development Kit
  • Software Design
  • Meridian Modules
  • Hardware Design
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  • Nano 200Mhz Main Baord
  • Gadgeteer Modules
  • Custom Module Design
  • Firmware Design
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Sytech Designs Ltd
Design Services for Microsoft Technology


Complete design services from Architectural Design, Project Management, Software Coding, Hardware Design and Training for Desktop and Mobile devices running managed and/or unmanaged code.

Mobile Compact Framework Solutions - Expert services for Compact Framework solutions for embedded mobile devices.
CE Single Board Computer (CEPC) CE6 runtime images, Software Development, Hardware Development, Mobile device solutions.

Micro Framework Solutions - Hardware and Software design for Micro Framework applications. Micro Framework Training.

Device Solution's Tahoe Micro Framework Development Kit - Distributor and Technical support for Device Solution's Tahoe Development Kit for the Meridian Micro Framework Module

Device Solution's Topaz iMx25 Topaz CE Development Kit and Modules - Distributor and Technical support for Device Solution's Topaz iMX25 product line

New Gadgeteer .NET product Line


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